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CHINAPARTNER.EU Co., Ltd. is European well established consulting and international trading company focusing on securing trade business with direct Asian manufacturers. Our customized services are available to companies of all sizes seeking for credible international trade, particularly with China and Taiwan.

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Main Services

Manufacturing, quality control and import of goods directly to your warehouse.

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Supplier Audit

Identification of the direct manufacturers, their verification and personal audit.

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Quality Control

Quality control at manufacturing site and solving the quality issues.

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Identification of the buyers and exclusive distributors for your products and services.

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Case Studies
Import from China

Successful example of import of sanitary equipments of one hundred luxury bathrooms for a development project. Our client achieved over 40% savings on purchasing costs.

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Export to Taiwan

Successful example of export of European wines to Taiwanese distributor with established sells chain. Our client increased export volume to Asia by 12%.

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Our Clients
International business ethic restrict us from presenting our clients publicly. Contact us with details of your company
for presenting you a list of selected clients.

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